Penbode Farm vets - Dedicated farm animal only vets

Penbode Farm vets understand your farm

At Penbode Farm vets our unique system ensures that your dedicated vet really gets to know your farm enterprise, and recommends what is right for your system. Many of our clients have found pre-planned regular visits have greatly benefited their farm productivity.

Specialist knowledge

Many Penbode Farm vets have special areas of interest. We take pride in ensuring we have the latest knowledge in the prevention and cure of diseases and in using this knowledge to help drive your farm profits.

Going beyond treatment

At Penbode Farm vets, we know that a health problem in one animal can indicate potential problems within the whole farm; and our vets will take this into account. Penbode Farm vets will not only treat the affected animal, but will go further and advise you on how to prevent against similar problems on the rest of your farm; an approach which saves you both time and money.

Local expertise

Penbode Farm vets are some of the most experienced vets in the South West. Our motivated team of farm animal only vets know the local area and local farming conditions, ensuring we provide you with the best up to date advice to help maintain healthy, productive animals for a profitable farm.

Local service

Clients in the South West benefit from Penbode Farm vetsÂ’ local, well equipped and advanced veterinary service.

FREE advice by phone

As part of the Penbode Farm vets' service, advice over the phone is given FREE of charge, by an experienced farm vet. Call 01409 253 418.

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