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Preparing for lambing, lambing diseases, care of the lamb

Ram Testing

Ram testing

Annual MOT and semen testing of your breeding rams each year will ensure that potential sub fertile rams.


Ewe synchronisation

Ewe synchronisation is the management practice of achieving a compact mating period and thereby compact lambing period



Use of a teaser ram prior to introducing the ram can bring the breeding season forward by up to 2 weeks and increases the number of ewes cycling when the fertile ram is introduced.


Sheep Lameness

Sheep lameness, in particular footrot, is undoubtedly one of the most important health and welfare issues facing the UK sheep farmer.

in house lab for sheep

In-house Labs

We have an in-house lab that we can use to test Worm Egg Counts


Quarantine worming

The objective of quarantine treatments is to minimise the chance you will introduce resistant worms into your flock.