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At Penbode Farm Vets we know that our service to your farm goes beyond the treatment of individual animals.

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About us

That’s why our team take the time to get to know your business and your animals, and wherever possible you will see the same vet at every call out.

Whether you run a dairy, beef or sheep farm, or have set up a smallholding, our dedicated farm veterinarians are some of the most experienced in Devon and Cornwall, and their knowledge of the local area and farming conditions ensures you will get the best advice to help maintain healthy, productive animals.

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Penbode have a team of 18 dedicated farm only vets. There are at least two dedicated farm vets on call every night and all weekend ensuring there will always be a vet on hand whatever your emergency.



Phone: 01288 353766

Holsworthy Farm Branch


Phone: 01409 253418

Camelford building pets


Phone: 01840 213277



Phone: 01409 241241

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