When's Your Area Day

We are delighted to offer our clients excellent service whether at our clinics or on your yard. And we offer great value for money too, when you schedule your visit to coincide with specially reduced and discounted Area Day Visits!

Check out the map below to find out which is your area day. Book by 1pm the day before and you will get a DISCOUNTED PRICE VISIT.

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Where we are when


Day visiting  Areas it covers
Black             Monday            

North Cornwall, Bodmin Moor, Bude and west along the A30

Orange Tuesday 

 Hartland, Bideford, Bradworthy

Blue Tuesday 


Yellow Wednesday 

Torrington, Barnstaple, Chulmleigh

Purple Wednesday

Liskeard, Saltash, Callington, South Bodmin Moor

Green Thursday

North Dartmoor, Okehampton and east along the A30

Call us by 1pm the working day before to book your DISCOUNTED PRICE VISIT!

Terms & Conditions
All visits need to be booked by 1pm the working day before. Visit times will be allocated later that afternoon.
Area days will not be held / offered on public holidays.
A logical round of visits will be organised once all calls have been booked. It is not possible for you to specify a certain time. If you are under time constraints, a visit can be arranged at a specific time at the standard visit fee.
It is not possible to choose which Penbode Equine Vet visits you on an Area Day. If you require a specific vet this can be organised at our standard visit fee.
Whilst we will do our best to satisfy your requirements on area days, at busy times this may not always be possible and rearrangement of work on alternative days may be required.
Visits booked on the day will have our regular visit, emergency visit or out of hours visit fee.
We ask that your account with Penbode Vets is up to date before booking your area day visit.


Call 01409 255549 or 01822 613838 to book your AREA DAY VISIT!