Quarantine worming

The objective of quarantine treatments is to minimise the chance you will introduce resistant worms into your flock.

Quarantine should be applied to all incoming sheep, including ewes purchased from other flocks and your own sheep that have been grazing on other farms where the resistance status is unknown or likely to be different from the home farm.

• On arrival, administer Zolvix orally at 1ml/10kgs

• Yard/house for 24-48 hours so any resistant worms are passed in the faeces

• Compost or burn contaminated bedding. DO NOT SPREAD ON PASTURE

• Put ram onto contaminated pasture (recently grazed field)

• Quarantine incoming stock from flock for 28 days

For further information on appropriate quarantine protocol on scab, infectious lameness and resistant fluke, please contact a member of the sheep team.