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Flock Health Scheme

Our popular Flock Health Club brings together flocks large and small from across our practice. Regular meetings as well as bespoke advice from a member of our sheep team mean that your flock

Annual Membership Benefits

· Flock Health Plan and annual review

- Specifically tailored for your flock by your dedicated sheep vet

- Red Tractor compliant

· Two six-monthly flock prescription checks

- Gives you an opportunity to discuss any issues you may be experiencing with your flock with your dedicated sheep vet

- Allows us to continue to prescribe veterinary products for your flock Usually £28.25*

· 10x mob faecal egg counting

- Can be used throughout the year to assess the parasite burden of groups of lambs or ewes. Treatment and management decisions can then be made using the results

Usually £15.61* per sample.

· Club talks and events

- Exclusive quarterly meetings and discussions

· Members who pay by Direct Debit also receive 15% discount off drug sales


· Annual membership for just £15*/month 

· Contact your usual branch to join the Penbode Flock Health Club or for more information on switching to a Direct Debit account

*Ex VAT #terms and conditions apply

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