Dairy Services

We are proud to service a large number of dairy farms ranging from traditional family farms to block calving herds to high production units and everything in between. We work as part of the farm team to work with the farmers aiming to meet each individual farm's aims and goals.  

Champion and Supreme Dairy Clubs

Our popular dairy service plans offer great value packages including free visits and reduced farm medicine prices

Mastitis Control

Udder infections can greatly affect dairy farm profits through reduced milk yields.

Data Analysis (DigiFarm)

Analysis of fertility and disease data can allow us to work together to spot trends and act upon them before the financial impact is too great. DigiFarm is a unique system which allows all of your farm data to be collated and reports generated ready for analysis and and for any audits you might have.

Infectious diseases and health schemes

BVD, Johne's, Lepto, BRD, IBR, TB, Neospora


Lameness problems can affect productivity.


With several of our vets trained to carry out CLARIFIDE genomic testing we can assist you to be more proactive when selecting replacements for your herd.

Fertility Work

Getting cows back in calf is vital to maintaining a healthy income.

Transition cow (Vital 90)

The transition period is the time from 60 days pre calving through to 30 days after calving.

Calf Tracker and Youngstock check

Our VetTechs can help you improve your calf growth rates.

Parasite Treatment

Penbode Farm Vets offer advice and treatment to help identify and reduce parasitic issues in your herd.

In-house Labs

QScout / Colostrum testing / Worm Egg Counts / Total Proteins

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