Penbode Farm Vets are pleased to announce that Andy Stokes BVSc CertAVP(Cattle) MRCVS and Tamsin Harris-Bryant BVetMed Cert CHP MRCVS. RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Cattle Health and Production are now qualified to offer CLARIFIDE genomic testing to dairy farmers in Devon and Cornwall. CLARIFIDE has ben developed by Zoetis and used extensively across the world.

Genomic testing is changing the way dairy farmers make management, selection and breeding decisions on farm. To date, the major focus of genomic testing has been the benefit in identifying high quality young bulls early. However, the ability to use the exact same power of prediction for female young stock is now a cost effective management tool for any dairy farmer.

CLARIFIDE genomic testing works by improving the reliability of composite and individual heifer predicted transmitting abilities, from approximately 25% (based on parent averages), to a much higher 60-70%.

The Clarifide package allows you to work with your vets to discover the current strengths and weaknesses of your herd’s genetic profile and then to determine which genetic traits are most important to improving the future profitability of your animals. The Clarifide test then reveals early in life which heifers have those desirable genetic traits, allowing you to make the most of them, whilst also making sure that you aren’t wasting time and money breeding replacements from those not likely to perform the way you want them to.

Overall, this means genetic progress can be accelerated with confidence and your herd profitability enhanced by capitalizing on improved performance across a number of traits.

The Short Term Benefits of Genomic Testing

Increase use of sexed semen

  • More heifers to choose from

  • Sale of surplus heifers

  • Targeted expansion using "better" heifers

  • Fewer calving issues

  • Fewer dairy bull calves

  • May have milk contract implications