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Fully Equipped Surgeries

As well as the familiar diagnostic tools of stethoscope and thermometer, Penbode Pet Vets have access to a range of additional diagnostic aids.

All Pets branches of Penbode Vets use Digital radiography. This gives rapid radiograph processing, fantastic image quality, and allows images to be sent electronically, if needed, for specialist interpretation.

All branches have in-house diagnostic laboratory equipment which allows comprehensive blood and urine testing to be carried out very quickly, which can be vital in an emergency situation. More specialist testing can be done at the Stratton surgery where our hospitalised cases require close monitoring.

Ultrasound examination is an increasing asset to the Veterinary diagnostic toolbox. Penbode has many ultrasound scanners including a very high powered portable laptop version with colour doppler imaging. This machine is favoured by those of our vets carrying out echocardiography (ultrasound examination of the heart), but a selection of ultrasound probes allow for a wide range of applications from pregnancy diagnosis to examining the spleen, to imaging the eye.

Endoscopy is another discipline which we are using more and more to aid clinical diagnosis. Our “portfolio of scopes” includes a  large diameter flexible video endoscope for gastro-intestinal purposes, a narrow diameter bronchoscope for respiratory system examination, and a rigid rhinoscope for nasal and urinary examination.  Endoscopic examination of the body cavities is also achievable with our laparoscopic (key hole surgery) equipment. 

Monitoring of anaesthetised pets is carried out by Qualified Veterinary Nurses under Veterinary Surgeon supervision. Additional monitoring is provided by multi-parameter monitors, which provide constant readings of blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and body temperature.

More complicated anaesthesia cases can be overseen by one of our vets who is an RCVS advanced practitioner in veterinary anaesthesia. 

We maintain and service our equipment regularly, replacing items as required.

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