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Exotic Pets

It’s not just dogs, cats and rabbits we care for – we look after a wide range of exotic pets and wildlife too

Whilst we have always prided ourselves on being able to care for animals and pets of all shapes and sizes, our Stratton-based vet Pas Medina has taken our Exotic Pet care that stage further. Pas Medina Lic.Vet., GPCert(ExAP) PgCEAS MRCVS RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine Lic Vet is an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine. Previous to joining Penbode Vets Pas worked with exotic and zoo species at a referral practice in Bedfordshire which also offered services to a safari park. Please see below an example of the exotic animals and pets he can care for:


Routine procedures including vaccination, micro-chipping dentistry, neutering. Disease diagnosis, imaging, surgery and critical care.

· Cats

· Dogs

· Seals

· Rodents

· Chinchillas

· Primates

· Rabbits

· Degus

· Hedgehogs

· Bats

· Mice

· Pygmy goats

· Ferrets

· Sugar Gliders

· Guinea Pigs

· Skunks

· Hamsters

· Gerbils


We work very closely with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) to help with any marine mammal which is stranded or injured along our coastline. If a marine mammal is found, the BDMLR are called, they collect the creature and take it to our Stratton branch. Pas and many of our nurses have been trained to deal with such animals. We see four or five seals hospitalised each year and they normally stay between one and three days, being rehydrated and treated for wounds and exhaustion. They are then moved to a seal rescue centre, where they will stay until fully recovered.


Routine procedures and behaviour, micro-chipping, neutering (using chemical implants) beak, claw and wing clipping, 

treating the egg bound bird.

· Budgerigars

· Parrots

· Parakeets

· Ducks

· Turkey

· Birds of prey

· Geese

· Chickens

· Pheasants

Any other species

Routine procedures including micro-chipping, surgery other medical treatments.

· Spiders

· Stick insects

· Frogs

· Snakes

· Koi Carp

· Toads

· Axolotls

· Geckos

· Lizards etc

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