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We recommend pre-purchase examinations to ensure that your potential new horse does not have any veterinary issues.

To ensure the horse you are buying doesn’t have any veterinary issues, and that it isn’t likely to develop them in the future, we recommend it has a pre-purchase examination.

An experienced equine vet will thoroughly examine the horse in the stable, in hand and, if possible, being ridden. A detailed standard examination protocol is followed to ensure all aspects are covered.

A shorter examination, a two-stage vetting, is done on young unbroken horses or broodmares, but if the horse is four years old or above, and is broken to ride, we recommend a longer, more comprehensive five-stage vetting.

After the vetting the vet will discuss with you any issues that have been found, and their significance. A detailed written report is produced, which can then be forwarded to an insurance company if required.

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