Weight Clinics – Slim Pals

Our weight clinics are an excellent way to keep your pet on track to reaching their healthy ideal weight. Our nurses can support you every step of the way by calculating your pet’s ideal weight and setting weekly targets.

It is important that your pet is fed an appropriate number of calories for their species, age and activity levels. Our nurses are happy to advise you about feeding a variety of diets and will calculate a daily feeding allowance of your pet’s food to ensure a safe, steady weight loss. 

They can also help guide you in choosing healthier foods and will keep a record of your pet’s weights and measurements as your pet progresses.

Obesity is a serious health concern that will lead to an increased risk of our pets developing a range of conditions such as osteoarthritis, airway disease, urinary disease, and diabetes. Obesity will also lead to an increased anaesthetic risk, an increased risk of developing cancer, and it will also contribute to poor skin and coat condition. It is thought that around 65% of dogs and 39% of cats are above their ideal weight and this issue is a growing concern for animal welfare.

At Penbode Vets our patients are weighed at every visit, and we encourage owners to be proactive at keeping an eye on their own pet’s waistline. If we notice that your pet is creeping above their ideal weight, we will encourage you to seek help from our nurses to prevent the problem worsening.


Do you worry your pet is underweight? 

We can help you too! Certain circumstances can lead to pets becoming underweight; maybe they have been recently rescued or they have been missing for a period of time. Our nurses will help you with appropriate feeding advice to ensure your pet gains weight at a safe rate.