Pet Behaviour Service

The emotional health of our patients is as important as their physical health and our specialist vets and nurses are on hand to advise you when it comes to dealing with behaviour issues. Nurses Sam and Julia hold a Nursing Certificate in Animal Behaviour and nurse Stephanie holds a Nursing Certificate in Feline Behaviour. Vet Kate Richardson holds a post graduate certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and is a full member of the APBC with 12 years of experience in helping owners with their pet’s behaviour. This means that Penbode Vets are equipped to advise on a range of problems - from helping your pet cope with being in a veterinary environment to dealing with more complex concerns.

Confidence at the vets course

Regular, positive visits to the practice are sometimes all that is needed to help your pet feel confident and comfortable in a veterinary environment and learn alternative coping strategies. Our confidence clinics are run by our trained nurses and are tailored to your pet’s needs.   

Find out more about our Confidence at the Vets courses here