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Have you met our VetTech yet?

Megan Brooking is a Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) and VetTechs who is able to carry out a variety of essential on-farm services which can deliver the same high quality you would expect from Penbode Farm Vets but at a cheaper price. NO CALL OUT FEE APPLIES!

What Penbode Farm VetTechs can do for your herd.

Mobility scoring  £25 for the first 50 cattle. £15 for each 50 thereafter
Vaccinate and scribe at TB Test £15 per hour
Disbud calves £5 per calf of <8 weeks for a minimum of 10 calves plus medicines. 

The following services cost £30 per hour 
  • Body condition scoring  
  • Teat scoring 
  • Tail clipping 
  • Blood sampling
  • Milk sampling
  • Weigh calves and monitor calf growth rate
  • Udder singeing
If you would like to know how our VetTech can help you please contact your local Penbode Farm Vets branch for more information

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