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Champion and Supreme Dairy Clubs

Our popular dairy service plans offer great value packages including free visits and reduced farm medicine prices

Welcome to Penbode Champion Dairy and Penbode Supreme Dairy

Two levels of excellent service and support at a manageable monthly price.

Penbode Champion Dairy Benefits

For £66 Ex Vat p/m

- Free routine fertility call outs. For all pre-booked fertility work

- Reduced Price Farm Medicines

- Reduced hourly rate. 15% off normal Penbode rate

- Digifarm Herd Health Analysis. Free access to our new and exclusive farm health monitoring service.

- Herd Health Review. Your routine vet will conduct your annual health and performance review and make recommendations as to how this can be improved.

- Antibiotic Reduction Report. We'll work with you to understand how we can refine and reduce your antibiotic usage on farm.

- Johne's Control Plan. We will analyse your test results, carry out a John's risk assessment and complete your Johne's Plan and Action Johne's Declaration.

- BVD Control Plan.* We will analyse your test results and provide you with a BVD control plan for your farm.

-  Milksure Top Up.~ We will complete the MilkSure top up process with you and your farm staff.

Penbode Supreme Dairy benefits

For just £90 Ex Vat p/m

All the benefits of Penbode Champion Dairy PLUS

Quarterly condition scoring. Carried out by our VetTechs

Quarterly locomotion scoring. Carried out by our RoMS qualified VetTechs

Annual youngstock audit. Single visit carried out by VetTechs to assess the growth rates of youngstock on your farm.

Annual Transition Cow Audit. Review of your farm's transition cow management including BCS, feed space and environmental pressures. Metabolic profiling can be carried out (lab fees apply). Time spent investigating this area will benefit your herd in so many ways.

10 x in house worm egg counts. Can be used throughout the year to inform your parasite control decisions. 

Annual veterinary investment report. To look at the breakdown of what your annual veterinary spend is made up of.

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