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What is MilkSure?

MilkSure is a structured, practical training programme for dairy farmers covering all areas of medicine use, especially targeting the avoidance of antibiotic residues in milk but also covering treatment protocols, storage and reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance.

Why is it important?

Firstly, many milk buyers already require a member of the farm team to have completed the MilkSure training, and more are recommending it.

The MilkSure course encompasses an antibiotic review and also medicines training, both of which are required by Red Tractor.

But it is also important that as farmers and vets we are helping to promote the image of dairy farming to the public and ensure they have confidence in dairy products.

By taking this course you can demonstrate your commitment to supplying a quality product and boosting public confidence in the industry.

How does it work?

Farmers register online though the MilkSure website. This registration is per farm and can allow as many workers as required to take the course and test.

Course material is sent directly to your vets, including a workbook.

There are two parts to the MilkSure training. The first involves a group meeting to discuss the technical and theory, which is free when done as an organised event.

The second part takes place on farm with your own vet, aimed at producing a farm-specific risk assessment, to discuss which products are used and methods of reducing errors.

There is then an on-line multiple choice quiz to gain your certificate, as well as seven dairy-pro points if you’re on this scheme. Your vet will help you to complete this if you prefer.

It is advised that a top-up is completed each year which is similar to the second part of the full course.

It is recommended that the theory is repeated every five years to ensure you are up to date with any changes

What will I learn?

Bulk tank antibiotic failures can be caused by a huge number of things.

MilkSure has really helped farmers to consider all methods by which antibiotics find their way into the tank, and to consider which are more likely on their farm and what methods are available of reducing this risk.

Together we will come up with the greatest risks on your farm and find a solution that works for everyone to try to reduce it happening.

The on-farm session involves going through products used on farm, deciding if they are required and whether they are being used appropriately. Many farms carry more drugs than they need, leading to confusion and products going unused and falling out of date.

What do I need to do now?

If you have had a reminder and not yet done anything, please register through the website and the practice will be in touch to book an appointment.

This process is most valuable if it is your own vet so please remember the deadline will soon be here and if you leave it too late your preferred vet may not be available.

If you have any questions either discuss with your vet when you next see them or call the practice.

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