Our newly refurbished facilities at our Holsworthy branch mean we can provide your horse with an excellent level of care in the event they require surgery or in-practice care.

Our Holsworthy clinic offers:

● Four stables including an isolation box if required

● Examination room with stocks, fitted with non-slip rubber floors

● A purpose-built knockdown box with non-slip rubber floor for safer anaesthetic inductions and recoveries

● A fully kitted operating theatre with a specialised Haico Telgte Table and equine-specific anaesthetic machine and ventilator

● State of the art laser for removing sarcoids, melanomas and uterine cysts

● Hard and soft trot up

● Fenced soft lunge pen and hard lunge circle

● Paddocks


We are also able to provide the following:

● Gastroscopy and endoscopy

● Shockwave using our NeoVet shockwave machine which can be used to treat osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, backs and suspensory ligament injuries. Neovet is the most up to date technology which has been proven to be twice as effective as older machines.

● Wireless x-ray machine with a screen to view images immediately

These facilities alongside our excellent team of equine-only vets allows us to provide a complete, comprehensive service to our clients and their horses.