Vaccinations are a fundamental part of the primary care of horses, ponies and donkeys to protect them against some serious and potentially life threatening diseases and to reduce the chance of them developing in the future.

Some vaccinations are also a requirement to allow horses to compete under the rules of many sporting governing bodies.

In the UK, horses are most commonly vaccinated against Equine Influenza (flu) and Tetanus, as well as Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) in some cases.

Vaccinations should usually start when foals are around 5 months old, and following the primary course of 2-3 vaccinations, a booster is given once every 6 months to 2 years depending on what we are vaccinating for.

If your horse misses its booster vaccination, they will have to re-start the primary course to ensure they are properly protected and also comply with competition regulations. Any of our vets will be happy to check your horse’s vaccination status at any point.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your horse receives its vaccinations at the correct time, although we will endeavour to send out vaccination reminders when your horse is due its next vaccination.