Did you know your horse's teeth are continually erupting and are aligned to wear against each other to maintain normal shape. Any change in the tooth position can cause the teeth to grow unevenly and potentially cause problems. By the time horses show signs of dental problems, such as difficulty eating, quidding, headshaking or reluctance to accept the bit, the horse has often been coping with pain or discomfort for some time. 

We recommend that your horse's mouth and teeth are examined every 6-12 months depending on their age and dental history to ensure issues are picked up and treated quickly. 

We advise horses are examined from two and a half years old when baby teeth start to be shed.  

All our vets are qualified and fully equipped with motorised and hand rasps to perform safe and effective routine dentistry. They are also legally able to sedate if needed. Most routine dentistry and minor procedures can be done on your yard.