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VetTech Services

Our VetTech services offer a hassle free way of ensuring your regular health tasks are completed. Many of these jobs can be time consuming and our team of VetTechs are highly trained and experienced to complete these tasks. We offer a range of service packages or one off visits to suit any farm size or type. Just speak to your vets about what we can offer.       


Allow the stress of vaccination to be taken away. Our VetTechs will bring the vaccines out and select the correct animals to vaccinate. Ensuring that the timing is correct to get the most out of your vaccines.

Calf Tracker

This unique system offers a complete assesment of calf health to monitor weight gains and also colostrum transfer. By monitoring this regularly we can make sdjustments throughout the calvinbg system and help give your calves the best possible start. 


Our disbudding service includes sedating the calves to reduce the stress involved and to speed up the process, allowing our VetTechs to process larger groups of calves in a less labour intensive way. We always use long acting anti-inflammatories to help to maintain feed intakes.  

Mobility and condition scoring

Our techs are ROMS trained, allowing them to carry out whole herd mobility and condition scoring to a high standard and to meet milk buyers' requirements. They identify any problem cows which need futher action. The results are presented as a report which your nominated vet can discuss with you. 
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