Protect4Life Membership Scheme

Prevention is better than cure!

Penbode Pet Vets believe in ensuring your animals get the best quality of life possible. For pet owners, maintaining protection against some of the most comment potentially life threatening diseases is essential. Therefore our vets recommend vaccinations and routine treatments based on your pet's lifestyle.

But we understand that owning a pet costs money. So, to enable pet owners to spread the cost of routine treatment, we have designed our own practice membership scheme - Protect4Life. 

You can find out more about our scheme here or by calling your local branch and requesting a leaflet.

Save up to £361 with FREE booster vaccinations and annual health checks for life for just £99*

Once your dog or cat has had its primary vaccination or annual booster, for a one off payment of only £99* they receive their annual booster vaccinations for FREE for the rest of their life.

  • FREE annual booster for the rest of their life
  • FREE full annual health check
  • Save up to £361 over your dog’s lifetime
  • Save up to £300 over your cat’s lifetime
Save up to
Life expectancy →1613
↓ Joining ageCatDog

Protect4Life levels of membership 

Happy, healthy leaping dogThere are four different levels of Protect4Life membership. Once your pet has had a primary vaccination or annual booster with Penbode Vets they can receive their annual booster vaccinations for FREE for the rest of their life! This could save you up to £361!  

Protect4Life membership benefits


  • A single payment of £99 covers your pet's vaccinations for their lifetime:     

Dogs - routine booster vaccination covers distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus and leptospirosis*    

Cats - routine booster vaccination covers infectious enteritis, feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus       

  • Plus - your pet will receive a full clinical examination from one of our vets at vaccination time plus a six monthly nurse check up to include:   
  • Skin Ears Weight Teeth    
  • Claws Eyes Skin Health check
*excludes kennel cough, feline leukaemia and rabies. All are available to be purchased separately. Kennel cough and feline leukaemia are covered by the Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels. 


Healthy spanielAs for the Bronze Level plus for a regular monthly fee you will receive:     

  • Flea and worm treatments delivered to your door four times a year! Stay on top of your pet's pest control (And p&p is included!)    
  • Extra vaccinations:  

Dogs - kennel cough

Cats - leukaemia  



Healthy serious kittenAs for Silver Level plus for a slightly increased regular monthly fee you will receive 5% discount off all consultations including:    

  • X-rays Microchipping
  • Surgery Blood tests 
  • Neutering   Dentistry
Plus 10% discount off all waiting room sales*


As for Gold Level plus for an increased regular monthly fee you will receive FREE consultations including nurse clinics.

(excludes out of hours consults)


For the £9.00 per month fee you will benefit from:

  • Annual vaccination to protect against myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2
  • Annual vet check up incluiding teeth check and nail clip (if necessary)
  • Worming treatment sent to your door three times per year
  • Six monthly vet or nurse check up
  • 10% off anything else applying to the member rabbit

To register your pet:

Online:Simply click here
Phone:0845 305 4200
Branch:Just pop in. Branches located at:
HillHead Stratton EX23 9AB
North Road Holsworthy EX22 6HB
Ashleigh House Bradworthy EX22 7SZ
Inns Park Camelford PL32 9RX

Why not call us to book an appointment? We have ample FREE parking at all our practices.

*Terms and conditions apply. For full info call 0845 305 4200. 

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