University Student EMS - Farm

The EMS Student farm externship represents an opportunity for fourth and final year university students with a keen interest in farm animal work. The practice has 16 dedicated farm animal vets working in Devon and North Cornwall in a predominantly dairy focused area. There is a wealth of experience across the practice with including a one DBR and three certificate holders.


What we can offer is a TWO WEEK BLOCK of EMS which will include:


  • Being on call with the three on call farm vets evenings and weekends to assist with emergencies, calvings, lambings, Caesars etc.

  • Learning lab skills such as worm egg counts, semen morphology evaluation, bacteriology of milk etc.

  • Improving hands on practical skills such as PD’s, blood sampling, routine fertility visits, assisting with bull/ram semen testing, castration, disbudding etc.

  • Assisting with routine herd health surveillance including: lameness scouring, BSC, calf scoring, teat scoring etc.

  • All students will have the opportunity to attend an antibiotic seminar, discuss case based clinical scenarios and present a case to the farm team. 


University Student EMS - Equine

This EMS Student equine externship opportunity is for third, fourth and final year students with a genuine interest in equine work. We are an eight vet dedicated equine practice, with a wealth of experience including vets with a certificate in equine orthopaedics, stud medicine, dentistry and equine practice.


We are offering TWO WEEK BLOCKS of EMS which will include:

  • Going out on calls with our dedicated equine vets

  • Opportunities to assist in exciting emergency out of hours work

  • Getting involved with surgery days, where we have facilities for elective surgeries, including soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures. You would be involved with preparation for surgery, anaesthetic monitoring and inpatient care.

  • Helping out on gastroscopy days and with lameness workups

  • Improving practical skills such as IV injections, removing shoes and taking radiographs

  • Getting involved in tutorials, presentations and journal club

  • Helping with writing articles for our equine newsletter


Key Stage 4 Work Experience

We offer a limited amount of Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) student work experience placements.


If you are interested in either opportunity, please complete the Student Placement Application form or download the form and email it to with a letter of introduction. Entitle your email: “Penbode Student Placement”.