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Nurse Clinic - Senior Wellness Screens

Our four legged friends need a special kind of care as they reach some really grand old ages!

Senior Wellness Screens

As our pet’s age, they will be more vulnerable to disease, but changes in our pet’s health may be subtle and go unnoticed. 

Our senior wellness screens are run by our trained nurses and consist of a physical exam, and questionnaire about your pet’s general health and behaviour. This will allow our nurses to identify any early signs of illness in your pet that can be investigated further. 

Blood pressure checks, analysis of your pet’s urine, and blood sampling can all be performed by our nurses to assist our vets in diagnosing ill health and may be recommended following a Senior Wellness Screen.

In order to facilitate our Senior Wellness Screen, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire prior to your appointment. 

You can download the questionnaire here, which you can bring to your appointment.

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