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Nurse Clinic - Pet Behaviour Service

Some of our nurses are qualified to advise owners on a range of problems in animal behaviour.

The emotional health of our patients is as important as their physical health and our specialist nurses are a crucial part of the veterinary team when it comes to dealing with behaviour issues. These qualified, registered nurses also have a certificate in animal behaviour which means they are equipped to advise on a range of problems - from helping your pet cope with being in a veterinary environment to dealing with specific concerns from owners about the behaviour of their pets.

Confidence at the vets course

Regular, positive visits to the practice are sometimes all that is needed to help your pet feel confident and comfortable in a veterinary environment and learn alternative coping strategies. Our confidence clinics are run by our specialist nurses and are tailored to your pets needs. 

Training sessions and Life Skills

Some issues can be resolved with training sessions, to help the owner teach their pet new skills. These include problems such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, general hyperactivity, recall and livestock chasing. Our behaviour team also offers Life Skills courses (comprised of 5 one-to-one sessions), which help you to teach your dog how to cope and behave appropriately - both at home and when out and about.

Specialist Nurse Consultations

An initial 15-minute pre-behaviour consultation is advisable for any behaviour struggles. This can be done via telephone, online or at the practice. This will enable us to discuss your pet’s behaviour struggles, help you implement some initial management strategies and then direct you to the most appropriate service. We may also advise that you book an appointment with a vet to check for any physical health problems which may be contributing to your pet’s behaviour. If we feel that a full consultation with a qualified, registered behaviourist is necessary then we will refer you to one of our two preferred local behaviourists. If we feel that the problem can be managed at the practice, we will book a specialist nurse consultation with the most appropriate member of our behaviour team. Behavioural problems that may be able to be managed during a specialist nurse consultation include feline behaviour problems, such as inappropriate toileting and multi-cat household problems, separation related behaviour problems and firework anxieties and phobias.  

Will I be able to claim for a behaviour consultation on my pet insurance?

Depending on your insurance policy, consultations with our external qualified, registered behaviourists may be claimable under your pet insurance. Please check with your insurance company directly and speak to the behaviourist about making a claim.

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