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Nurse Clinic - Confidence at the vets

Is your dog anxious when they visit the vets?

Confidence at the Vets Course

Is your dog anxious when they visit the vets? When dogs are fearful of visits to the vet, they will usually be experiencing high stress levels. This will often make providing treatment quite challenging, leading to compromised animal welfare. 

Regular, positive visits with one of our skilled nurses can teach your pet the confidence they need to cope better in these difficult situations. 

Clinics will be tailored to suit the individual dog to ensure progression is made at a pace that suits them. It is likely that your dog will cope better with short visits that occur frequently (once or twice a week) so that we don’t risk your dog getting stressed. Visits may run from the car park initially if your dog is anxious about coming into the practice, and then progress into the waiting room and finally the consulting room. Your pet may benefit from experiences in other parts of the practice such as the dog ward.

Your dog’s confidence will be developed using specialised games that, as well as being fun to play, will shape your dog’s brain into being more confident and optimistic within a veterinary setting. We will also teach you techniques that you can practice at home, that will further improve your dog’s confidence. 

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