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Laparoscopic bitch spays at our Bude, Stratton branch

Did you know we offer laparoscopic bitch spays at our Bude Stratton branch with Penbode Pet Vets, Pas Medina and Andy Pierce.

Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) is all about performing surgical techniques with minimal invasion into the abdomen using instruments and fibre optics through ‘keyhole’ incisions.

Alongside laparoscopic bitch spays or ovariectomies, we are also exploring other surgeries which the laparoscopic approach can facilitate, which we will introduce soon.

The advantages of a laparoscopic spay over a traditional

open spay are:

- There is less post-operative pain.

- There is a faster recovery period. This is due to wounds being much smaller and fewer stitches involved. Although the bitch may be fine after five days we do recommend a 10 day rest and recovery period.

- As the incisions are smaller, there is a lesser risk of post-operative complications with the incisions, as well as less trauma to the tissues.

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