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Join our worm control scheme

Random worming of horses without a prior redworm faecal worm egg count is now considered undesirable.

This is because:

a) many horses don’t need worming

b) it has led to a major problem with drug-resistant worms.

Our very popular Worm Control Scheme takes the guesswork out of worming. We supply you with two sampling packs for each horse with full instructions.

Faeces samples are taken:

a) in mid-May to early June and

b) August and sent to the lab in a postage paid envelope.

The results come to us and are interpreted by one of our vets, and we then contact you with our advice – which may be that no treatment is required!

The pack also includes a tapeworm treatment for each horse, which we suggest is given in July. A blood test for tapeworm antibodies can be performed for an additional fee if required.

We will send you the complete kit for each horse, with the sample bags labelled with the horse’s name and when to sample.

The scheme costs £38.50 per horse (two egg counts and one tapeworm treatment).*

Please call your preferred branch to place your order.

Orders must be received by Monday 10 May.

Payment must be made at the time of ordering.

*Includes VAT. Ts&Cs apply.

Tail rubbing

If your horse is tail rubbing and you suspect Pinworms, please call us to discuss appropriate


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