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Inpatient Care - Information for Owners

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We understand that it is often a very stressful event for owners when their pets are hospitalised for extended periods and hope that you might find the following information reassuring.

- At Penbode Pet Vets we provided 24 hour care and as part of this it is sometimes deemed to be appropriate for an animal to be hospitalised. We too prefer animals to be in their home environment whenever possible recognising that being away from home is stressful. However certain medical conditions will require surgery, fluid therapy, pain relief and nursing care which will be best carried out in a hospital situation.

- There are facilities to cope with day patients at all branches, however should extended periods of hospitalisation be required all animals will be looked after at our Stratton branch.

Horizon View, Hillhead, Stratton, BUDE EX23 9BU

Tel: 01288 359500

- It may be necessary for your pet to be transported between branches, you might be asked to provide transport yourself or we may provide this service in a practice vehicle.

- We ensure that all hospitalised animals receive dedicated nursing attention operating a shift nursing system to ensure that an adequately experienced veterinary nurse is on site 24/7. At night this is always a qualified registered veterinary nurse (RVN) of suitable experience to cope with all eventualities with the support of a dedicated small animal vet.

- The vet will not be on the premises all night but perform checks as necessary.

- You will be asked to sign a consent form when your pet is admitted.

- It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct phone numbers to ensure that you are contactable 24/7.

- We aim to update all owners a minimum of twice a day, with either the duty vet or nurse in charge of your pets care speaking to you.

- If you are particularly worried about your pet you are welcome to ring at other times or request that a nurse phones you. if no one is able to speak to you immediately we will call you back as soon as it is feasible to do so.

- Medical Circumstances can change very rapidly. We will always endeavour to contact you if this happens to inform you and engage in discussion as to how we proceed.

- In the event of you being unavailable or in an emergency situation the vet will act in the best interest of your pet and then advise you as soon as possible.

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