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How to prepare your dog for vet visits

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Getting your dog used to handling is one of the most important things you can do in order to have a stress free visit to the vet for both yourself and your pet. At Penbode Vets we try our best to avoid forced restraint for procedures as maintaining the emotional health as well as the physical health of our patients is an important part of our values. In order to do this your help is required to get your pet accustomed to vet visits. Different dogs struggle with different procedures, so listed below you will find internet links to recommended videos showing you how to start training your pet to accept (if not enjoy!) certain procedures.

Kennel cough vaccination

Preparing your dog for the kennel cough vaccination parts 1&2 by The Haven Dog Centre

Applying ear drops

Ear Treatment Training for Dogs Long Version by Domesticated manners with Chirag Patel

Muzzle training

Muzzle Training Your Dog | Blue Cross

Nail clipping

Teach Your Dog To Love Nail Trims Before You Begin

Teach Your Dog To Love Nail Trims Paw Handling

Teach Your Dog To Love Nail Trims Introducing the Clippers

Teach Your Dog To Love Nail Trims Handling + Clippers

How to Trim Dog Nails with Clippers and File The Alternative Cut Line

Body language

Understanding Dog Body Language Learn how to read dogs behaviour better

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