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How to prepare your cat for vet visits

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Getting your cat used to handling and transport are some of the most important things you can do in order to have a stress free visit to the vet for both yourself and your pet. At Penbode Pet Vets we try our best to avoid forced restraint for procedures as maintaining the emotional health as well as the physical health of our patients is an important part of our values. In order to do this your help is required to get your pet accustomed to vet visits.

The icatcare website (https://icatcare.org/) is a fantastic resource for all things cat related. They also have a YouTube channel which feature

s videos aimed at both veterinary staff and owners about handling cats. The following links are to videos specific to getting your cat ready for vet visits.

Encouraging your cat to be happy in a cat carrier


Getting your cat used to travel


Helping your cat accept having its coat checked


Helping your cat accept having its mouth checked


Helping your cat accept having its paws checked and its claws clipped


Helping your cat accept having its eyes checked


Helping your cat accept having its ears checked


Body language

Cats Protection - help and advice - cat body language


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