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Help Your Pets Have A Happy Halloween

Halloween can be a scary time for our pets. We have compiled some tips to make this spooky day less stressful. Check out our free downloadable poster below.

👻The streets may be busy on Halloween evening, walk your dog earlier, at a quieter time.

🧟‍♀️People wearing costumes may be worrying for your pet so keep them out of the way when answering the door to trick or treaters.

🧛🏻‍♀️If putting on an outfit yourself, avoid startling your pet by allowing them to see you change gradually, while calmly reassuring them. Dogs rely on your facial expressions for communication so avoid wearing masks, face paints or coloured contact lenses around them.

🐕Avoid putting your pet in a costume, chances are they won't enjoy it.

🍽️Feed your pet at least an hour before people might start knocking on your door. Allow them to digest their food, go to the toilet and relax.

🎃If you are going back and forth to the door try to stand up, and move slowly to keep your dog relaxed. If possible, reduce the volume on your doorbell.

📺Having the TV or radio on and closing the curtains will block out outside noises.

💁🏽‍♀️Contact the practice for more advice on helping your pets this season.🍂

🦇Consider putting a box of treats out for trick or treaters with our 'do not knock' sign - download here:

Halloween Poster
Download PDF • 10.65MB

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