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Caring for our ‘old friends’ 2022

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It is estimated that a third of the UK’s horses, ponies and donkeys are aged 17 years or older. As the colder months draw in, we need to pay particular attention to their care and nutrition.

Research has shown that conditions most frequently unnoticed by owners in older horses include: dental disease, stiffness / lameness, eye disorders, skin or hoof problems, liver disease and Cushing’s disease (PPID).

Penbode Equine Vets are experienced in the recognition of the early signs of the underlying conditions and we will work with you to instigate a management plan tailor-made for your horse or pony.

Conditions such as infections, anaemia, protein loss, liver and kidney disease can be screened for in a routine blood test which can be run in our practice laboratory.

We advise that all senior horses receive a routine health check during the autumn/winter months to monitor and help prevent the development of problems.

Book a Senior Horse Health Check for your old friend and make sure they’re prepared for winter.


Senior Horse Health Check

Peace of mind for you this winter for £99 (inc. VAT)

A thorough clinical exam, including heart and lungs

  • Examination of the eyes with an opthalmoscope

  • Examination for lameness on a straight line

  • Dental examination

  • Blood test - routine haematology and biochemistry

*Price includes VAT.

The teeth can be rasped for our standard dental fee.

Speak to your branch to book your appointment

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