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Canine Blood Donors are always needed

Could your dog be a lifesaver?

Every unit of blood helps save up to four other lives, saving thousands of lives every year. By joining our community of lifesaving donors, you are ensuring blood will always be available for dogs when they need it.

Did you know...?

Dogs have blood types, just like humans - DEA1 Positive and DEA1 Negative.

The DEA1 Negative blood type can be given to all dogs in case of emergency and so we're always on the look out for dogs who are more likely to have this blood type (but not exclusively - every donated drop counts!)

According to Pet Blood Bank UK ( 30% of dogs eligible to donate in the UK have the DEA1 Negative blood type. See below a list of the breeds more like to have this type.

Airedale Terrier American Bulldog

Basset Hound Bearded Collie

Border Collie Boxer

Curly Coated Retriever Dobermann

Dogue de Bordeaux English Bull Terrier

Flat Coated Retriever German Shepherd

Greyhound Lurcher

Saluki Old English Sheepdog


Which dogs can donate?

For your dog to become a lifesaver they must be happy to be handled and comfortable going to the vets. Dogs who are confident with new people and getting lots of attention make great donors! In addition:

  • Fit and healthy

  • Between one and eight years old

  • Weigh more than 25kg

  • Have a good temperament

  • Have never travelled outside of the UK and Ireland

  • Vaccinated or have an annual titre test after the first year booster

  • Not on any medication

If you think your dog could be a lifesaver, why not call your local branch and we can get in touch with you. Thank you

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