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The Penbode Farm Vets September Newsletter is out now!

This month:

  • We focus on BVD and you can find out how to access £850 worth of FREE Visits and BVD Testing
  • You can read about how to select ewes for tupping
  • You get to meet one of our new vets - Lizzie Milbank
  • You'll visit Ebsworthy Moor Farm 
  • We bring you Part 3 in our monthly Calf Series - this month it's pneumonia
  • Plus lots more!

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Farm Newsletter August 2018.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm Vets - August Newsletter is out now!

This month read all about:

  •  Selective Dry Cow Therapy
  •  Important BVD Scheme - you could access up to £850 worth of funding!
  •  Calf development
  •  Sheep fertility courses
  •  Calving course
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If you want to receive a hard copy in the post please let your branch reception know.

Farm Newsletter July 2018.pdfDownload

The Penbode Farm Vets July Newsletter is out now!

Click here to download your copy and read:

- The first in our series on calf care and management - this month it's accommodation
- What Stratton vet Lauren Medland does in her spare time
- Why the team at Fernhill changed to block autumn calving
- How to prevent lungworm in your herd
- More VetTech Tales

You can catch up with all the practice news - plus following the success of our previous Mastering Medicines courses - you can sign up for another course we're holding the morning of 30 August at our Holsworthy branch.
Mastering Medicines to comply with red tractor standards flyer.pdfDownload

How to comply with the new Red Tractor Assurance Standards

Some important changes to Red Tractor Assurance standards came into effect from 1 June 2018.

Penbode Farm Vets are running a course called 'Mastering Medicines to Comply with New Red Tractor Guidelines' to help you comply with the new standards. Click here to find out more.

Penbode Farm Vets are keen to help you comply with these new regulations with minimal disruption to your business, whilst maintaining animal health and welfare. Please visit to view the four new standards relating to Responsible Use of Antibiotics on Red Tractor Farms. In brief they are:

Standard 1: Medicine records must provide an annual collation of total antibiotic used for the unit
Penbode can provide you with a collation of what you have purchased from the practice over the last 12 months.

Standard 2: An annual review of antibiotics used must be undertaken by the vet
We will review your antibiotic usage at your herd health review. We then produce a spreadsheet and graphs which flags up high use of CIAs or at risk drugs.

Standard 3: Highest Priority Critically Important Antibiotics must only be used as a last resort under veterinary direction
Following is a list of the Critically Important Antibiotics which are only to be used as a last resort. 

Cobactan €œ tubes and injection
Cephaguard Dry Cow
Cefimam Milking Cow and Dry Cow tubes
Baytril Max
Advocin 180

Their use must be supported by sensitivity testing which proves that no other antibiotics will work. Whilst this is extremely unlikely to be the case, we can conduct the testing for you. All Penbode Farm Vets are able to recommend alternative treatment options for you.

Standard 4: It is recommended that at least one member of staff responsible for administering medicines has undertaken training and holds a certificate of competence.
Training courses include but are not limited to MilkSure and veterinary-run training courses. 

Penbode has run MilkSure courses for our dairy farmers in the past and will continue to do so. 

Even if you have attended a MilkSure course we would recommend you book one of our mastering medicines courses as the subject matter will be very different. 


Who's Who in Ewe Abortion? - FREE Supper Talk

Did you see a small increase in abortions in 2018?  This could be a warning sign!

Abortion storms often follow a year when there have been only a small number ewes that slip lamb.  

Join the Penbode Farm Vets Sheep team Sarah Phillpot, Kate Forgan, Steph Prior and Matt Evans for a FREE Supper Talk at Holsworthy Golf Club from 6:30pm.

Topics to be covered include:
  • Maximising your next season's scanning percentage
  • Increasing lamb viability and birth weight
  • How to use vaccines to improve your flock's productivity

Call 01409 253418 to book your place

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