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The October 2018 Penbode Farm Newsletter is out now

This month we:

  • Focus on worm control in cattle
  • Meet Holsworthy Farm Vet Nim Panesar
  • Visit the Bellews of Court Barton
  • Learn how to control calf scour
  • Offer you an excellent deal on Eprizero
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BVD Stamp it out!

This summer sees the launch of the new RDPE funded programme to tackle BVD in the English cattle herd.

BVD is an endemic disease of cattle across the UK; a disease which costs businesses in lost performance an estimated £61 million p/a.

This project aims to take control of the disease in England, working alongside existing initiatives such as BVDFree to ensure you are aware of the impact of the disease and the appropriate means to eradicate BVD from your herd.

Whos it for? 
You dont have to sign up to the BVD Free initiative. In fact, this programme is particularly suited to those farmers who are not BVD Free or have not signed up to the BVD Free initiative. 

How can you get involved?
Penbode Farm Vets is participating in delivering the programme and many of our vets have undertaken the additional training required. We are therefore ready and able to offer our clients the opportunity to access funding worth up to £850.

The project works with Penbode Farm Vets and you in two ways:
Information meetings €œ we are organising FREE supper meetings (with a choice of date, venue and menu!). The programme asks you to attend two: one when you get involved in the project and one at the end. You, alongside like-minded farmers, are invited to the cluster meeting to find out more about the life cycle of the disease, the implications for your business and the next steps to start taking control. Once we have worked with you and the other members of the cluster, you will all attend a final meeting to discuss the main issues and share ideas about the best control methods with the goal of eradicating the disease from your herds.

One to One Visits €œ following the first meeting, your vet will be funded to visit your farm twice. The first visit will be fact finding and potentially taking some samples to investigate the disease. The second visit will be to discuss the findings of the testing, and recommend a control plan tailored to your business. 
All of the above will be FREE of charge to you, with your vets time funded through the project.

Testing budget €œ one of the barriers to control over the years has been testing costs. This project will pay for a check test (max. £61.80) and in limited circumstances pay for a hunt for PI animals in your herd (max. £440).

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The Penbode Farm Vets September Newsletter is out now!

This month:

  • We focus on BVD and you can find out how to access £850 worth of FREE Visits and BVD Testing
  • You can read about how to select ewes for tupping
  • You get to meet one of our new vets - Lizzie Milbank
  • You'll visit Ebsworthy Moor Farm 
  • We bring you Part 3 in our monthly Calf Series - this month it's pneumonia
  • Plus lots more!

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Penbode Farm Vets - August Newsletter is out now!

This month read all about:

  •  Selective Dry Cow Therapy
  •  Important BVD Scheme - you could access up to £850 worth of funding!
  •  Calf development
  •  Sheep fertility courses
  •  Calving course
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Farm Newsletter July 2018.pdfDownload

The Penbode Farm Vets July Newsletter is out now!

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- The first in our series on calf care and management - this month it's accommodation
- What Stratton vet Lauren Medland does in her spare time
- Why the team at Fernhill changed to block autumn calving
- How to prevent lungworm in your herd
- More VetTech Tales

You can catch up with all the practice news - plus following the success of our previous Mastering Medicines courses - you can sign up for another course we're holding the morning of 30 August at our Holsworthy branch.
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