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Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-05.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-05

In this newsletter from Penbode Farm vets you will find advice on:

Preventing a twisted uterus

Improving bull fertility

Improved BVD vaccine

Training courses

All from Penbode Farm vets

Bull fertility testing can save you money

Progressive farmers are successfully using annual pre-breeding bull fertility testing to improve productivity and reduce costs of low fertility.

Penbode Farm€™s bull fertility testing should be performed pre-breeding season to identify bulls with reduced fertility, not just those that are totally infertile. Very few bulls are totally infertile, but around 20% of bulls tested are sub-fertile. Some may be fertile one year, but not the next.

Why have your bull tested?

Up to 3 out of 10 bulls tested may be useless as a breeding bull so early detection is essential.

Reduced conception delays and extends your calving period.

Young, unevaluated bulls are being used more frequently. Sexual maturity cannot be predicted entirely by body weight and scrotal circumference and therefore semen evaluation is essential.

Benefits of testing

Your bull serves many cows so testing his fertility to detect if he is sub-fertile reduces your calving period and increases your productivity.

Reduced costs of keeping barren cows over winter in spring calving herds.

You don€™t even need to be a Penbode Farm vets customer to use this service.

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Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-02

In this newsletter, you will find information on:

Practical training courses

Common eye diseases in cattle and sheep

First steps in Johnes disease prevention

All from Penbode Farm vets

Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter winter 2014-15.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter winter 2014-15

In this newsletter, you will find advice on:

Feeding for better breeding

Pregnancy scanning to maximise profits

How to save money on worming

All from Penbode Farm's dedicated sheep vets

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Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-01

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find advice on how to:

Prevent SARA - Subacute Rumenal Acidiosis and why.

Avoid Ketosis.

Stop IBR in its tracks.

...and even how to send a Christmas Jersey to Africa

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