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Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter autumn 2015.pdfDownload

Penbode farm vet Sheep newsletter 2015

In the Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter, you will find advice on:

Tackling lameness early

Feed concentrates and their risks

The risks of trimming - STOP and THINK

Our money saving Endofluke 10 offer

Fluke treatments and recommendations

All from your dedicated Penbode Farm vets Sheep team

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-11.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-11

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find advice on:

In-house rapid diagnosis and targeted treatment of mastitis

Our calf rearing advisory talk

Disease caused by metal in feeds

How post mortems can help you

Genetic anomalies

Our new vet Andy Tyrer's national achievement

All from Penbode Farm vets

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-09.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-09

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find:

Staff news and updates

Tamsin's RCVS Advanced Practitioner qualification to help with cattle health and production

Camelford new facilities

Increased vet numbers to help you

All from Penbode Farm vets

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-08.pdf

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-08

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find:

NEW disbudding service

FREE fertility visits

Summer mastitis advice

All from Penbode Farm vets

Disbudding: Free up your time for more important things on your farm

Save time, energy & money during calving, and get a FREE visit as well!

Penbode Farm vets will disbud your dairy calves, saving you time and hassle.

Disbudding needs to be done, but there is always something else more urgent. Penbode Farm vets efficient, high welfare system minimises the stress on your calves and on you!

Penbode Farm vets will send 2 vets to your farm so they can handle the job themselves, without you needing to put anyone with them.

FREE visit €“ no visit fee

Available for calves up to 8 weeks old; minimum 10 calves per visit

Multiple visits - we come as often as you need us

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between farms

We bring all the equipment and drugs needed

Only £5 per calf + drug costs, T&C€™s apply.

Book your 1st FREE visit now with Penbode Farm vets on:

Holsworthy 01409253418

Stratton/Bude 01288353766

Bradworthy 01409241241

Camelford 01840213277


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