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Penbode Farm Vets - July 2017 Newsletter

The Penbode Farm Vets July Newsletter is out now!

In this edition you will:

Be reminded of the importance of understanding the impact of antibiotic resistance on world health and why we have changed the way we prescribe them.

Find out about the threat of lungworm and our great pour-on offer to combat it.

Read our Royal Cornwall Show review and sign up for our summer sheep events.

Be amongst the first to find out about the imminent launch of our new joint venture foot trimming service

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FREE Sheep Events - July

Join us for two FREE sheep events in July

Wednesday 5 July, from 9am
FREE Sheep Faecal Egg Count
Penbode Market Hut, Holsworthy Market, EX22 7FA

All welcome to bring in a mob dung sample from 10 randomly selected lambs for FREE gut worm testing.

Thursday 6 July, from 7:30pm
FREE Meeting and Supper - "Improving your flock's productivity through effective worm control"
The Bradworthy Inn, Bradworthy EX22 7TD

Presentation topics include:
  • What is anthelmintic resistance?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How best to combat it
Please call 01409 241241 to book your place!

Plus All attendees will receive 33% off* Penbode's Wormer Resistance Testing Package and a FREE Sheep Parasite Control Plan!

*Normal price £150
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Penbode Farm Vets - June 2017 Newsletter

This month's newsletter is out now!

In it you can:
  • Find out about Penbode's involvement in the local shows. We're delighted to be sponsoring most of the Young Handler classes around the region.
  • Discover another excellent use for the QScout tests.
  • Sign up for our next farm course - Artificial Insemination
  • Learn about the new Penbode Farm Vets own brand nutritional supplements. Mixed to our own specifications. 
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Sheep newsletter Spring / Summer 2017

The new Sheep Team Newsletter is now out!

In this issue:
  • Sign up for our FREE lunch and FREE worm egg count*
  • Check out our great special offers 
  • Sign up for our Abortion Checks
  • Learn all about Nematodirus
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Improving your flock’s productivity through effective worm control

Join the Penbode Farm Vets Sheep team for lunch this month.

We will be discussing:
 - Resistance to wormers
 - How to maximise your worming ROI

FREE lunch
FREE sheep faecal egg count (please bring a fresh sample)
All attendees will receive 30% off their FECRT (normal price £150, attendees pay £100) and a FREE Sheep parasite control plan.

We are holding two meetings for the benefit of our Cornish and Devon sheep farmers.

The Cornwall meeting takes place at:

The Wilsey Down, Hallworthy Market, Hallworthy, PL32 9SH

Thursday 25 May 12-2pm

Contact Penbode Stratton on 01288 353766 today to book your place.


The Devon meeting takes place at:

The CowShed Cafe, Holsworthy Market, Holsworthy EX22 7FA

Thursday 1 June 12-2pm

Contact Penbode Holsworthy on 01409 253418 today to book your place.


Sheep Worm egg count sample collection 

·       Poo should be collected as fresh as possible €“ ideally still warm when it€™s collected

·       Should come from around 10 different animal to get a representation of the group (a small amount from each)

·       A heaped tea spoon per sample is enough but better too much then too little

·       Bring sample in a sealed plastic bag or pot

·       If not collected the day of the meeting then can be stored in the fridge overnight but no longer than that

·       Animals should all be from the same age or management group. (Different ages or management groups would all need separate counts €“ the offer is for only one!)

·       Submit as much info as possible with the count eg. Last date treated and with which product 

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