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NEW - Improve your calf growth rates from birth to weaning with Penbode Farm vets Calf Tracker

Good calf management from birth to weaning is key to lifetime performance.


NEW from Penbode Farm vets, our Calf Tracker service can help you improve your calf growth rates, ensuring you get the best from your calves.


Using ‘easy to get’ data from your farm, Penbode Farm vets will help identify how you can maximise the health of your calves & improve their growth rates.


This offer is also open to farmers who do not currently benefit from other Penbode Farm services.


Places are limited, so book early. T&C’s apply.


For a FREE initial discussion, call Penbode Farm vets on:

Holsworthy        01409253418

Stratton/Bude    01288353766

Bradworthy          01409241241

Camelford         01840213277



Penbode Farm vets newsletter 16-03.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 16-02

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find:

Treating mastitis with Metacam


How good calf management can help improve lifetime performance


Advice on artificially rearing calves


Low price on Leptavoid-H


We have a winner – See who won the iPad Air

All from your Penbode Farm vets team

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 16-01.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets Newsletter 16-01

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find:

Research into IBR and its impact on milk yields

Making Herd Health Plans more productive for you

Robotic milking and your vet

Selective Dry Cow Therapy update

All from your Penbode Farm vets team

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-12.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-12

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find advice on:

Great value calf disbudding offer

Improving calf growth rates - Calf Tracker

AI course date in January

An invite to join us for a day out at Bude Rugby Club

All from Penbode Farm vets

Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter autumn 2015.pdfDownload

Penbode farm vet Sheep newsletter 2015

In the Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter, you will find advice on:

Tackling lameness early

Feed concentrates and their risks

The risks of trimming - STOP and THINK

Our money saving Endofluke 10 offer

Fluke treatments and recommendations

All from your dedicated Penbode Farm vets Sheep team

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