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Penbode Equine Vets Newsletter - Summer 2017

The Summer Newsletter is out now! Click here to download!

In this Penbode Equine Vets Newsletter you will find:
  • An invitation to join us for our FREE Annual Open Evening & Hog Roast
  • News of our vets' work on the international stage
  • A fascinating insight into why some horses get gastric ulcers (plus a gastroscopy offer!)
  • Useful information into how to treat wounds
  • An introduction to new arrivals!
  • And not forgetting the all important dates for your diary 
If you would like to receive future Penbode Equine newsletters by post, just call Holsworthy 01409 255 549, Okehampton 01837 506 070 or Lamerton 01822 613838.

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Date: Thursday 13 July 2017 
Time: From 7pm
Venue: Penbode Equine Clinic, North Road, Holsworthy EX22 6HB

Come and take a guided tour of our surgical and diagnostic facilities at the Holsworthy Clinic and enjoy a FREE hog roast.

We will supply FREE transport from the Penbode Equine Vets Tavistock (Lamerton) practice to the Holsworthy clinic and back that evening if required. Please let us know if you require this and for how many people when you call to reserve your place.

To reserve your place please call us on:
Holsworthy 01409 255549
Tavistock 01822 613838
Okehampton 01837 506070

Do you think your horse is suffering from gastric ulcers?

Save £100 at the Holsworthy clinic gastroscopy day - 28 June 2017

Gastric ulceration is very common. Recent studies have shown up to 90% of racehorses, up to 50% of leisure horses and 50% of foals are affected.

Symptoms are often vague. The use of gastroscopy can diagnose gastric ulcers which can then be treated quickly and effectively.

Penbode Equine Vets are holding their next gastroscopy day on Wednesday 28 June at the Holsworthy clinic, where you can get £100 off a scoping.

Contact your local Penbode Equine Clinic to find out more and to make your booking.

Tavistock -01822 613838 
Holsworthy - 01409 255549


We apologise for the glitch in formatting some recipients of our email about the Penbode Equine Vets' Worming Scheme. We are sending it again to make it easier to read.


Do the right thing for your horse and save money with Penbode Equine Vets€™ Grazing Season worming scheme
In order to adopt a targeted strategic worm control plan for your horse and save you money, Penbode Equine Vets advise that you should have a worm egg count done on each of your horses in May/June, and a second one in August. We can then advise you whether worming of your horse is required or is unnecessary, potentially reducing your worming costs and delaying the development or resistance.

Each Penbode Equine Vets Worming Pack contains:
- Two sample bags €“ for the May/June and August counts €“ labelled with the dates to sample
- Full instructions of how and when to collect samples
- An Equitape syringe for tapeworm treatment in July for up to 600kg bwt 

Only £33.72 per pack inc VAT 

When should I have the first red worm egg count done?
May or June is the best time. The dung sample should only be collected when your horse has not been wormed for at least eight weeks (13 weeks if you last used the Equest wormer) otherwise you could have an artificially low worm egg count. Please seek individual advice from our vets for all horses less than four years old and pregnant mares. 

We blood tested a number of horses in previous years for tapeworm levels and have concluded that twice yearly (July and December) treatment for tapeworms is advisable in our area. 

What to do next
Contact us on 01409 255549 / 01822 613838 and order your Penbode Equine Vets worming pack 

Only £33.72 per pack inc VAT* 

Orders: Must be received at the clinic on or before Friday 28 April 2017.

Collection: Worming packs will be available from the clinic on or after Friday 5 May. 

Payment: FULL payment will be required when your order is placed. Six or more packs attract a 2.5% discount if on a single order with a single payment. 

*Ts&Cs apply.

If your horse is tail rubbing and you suspect Pinworms please call us on 01409 255549 / 01822613838 to discuss appropriate treatment.

A blood test for tapeworm antibodies can be performed for an additional fee if required.

Penbode in Horse & Hound

Penbode Equine Vet Kieran O'Brien's article on smelly stables has seen remarkable success on Facebook. 

So we offered it to Horse & Hound and are delighted to see they're running it in the 9 March issue. 

Thank you to Horse & Hound :-)

Download the article or click here to read the article.
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