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Equine vaccination 'Amnesty' and The New Normal


We are pleased to be able to offer an 'amnesty' to help restart equine vaccinations that lapsed during the lockdown period (March 16th to May 17th).

The second vaccination of the primary course (whether flu, flu and tetanus or tetanus only) will be FREE. Our standard visit charges will apply.

The amnesty period will end on Friday 17th July 2020, so call the practice now to avoid disappointment!



We continue to work with the safety of our clients, our vets and the general public as our main priority.
We are finding that we can now offer most of our regular services. Sometimes this involves a little lateral thinking ? always after a thorough risk assessment.

Please give us a call to see how we can safely treat your horse.

Tel: Holsworthy: 01409 255549 / Lamerton: 01822 613838 / Okehampton: 01837 506070

2020 Worm Control Scheme

Join our worm control scheme

Random worming of horses without a prior redworm faecal worm egg count is now considered undesirable because a) many horses don?t need worming b) it has led to a major problem with drug-resistant worms. 

Our very popular Worm Control Scheme takes the guesswork out of worming. We supply you with two sampling packs for each horse with full instructions. Faeces samples are taken a) in mid-May to early June and b) August and sent to the lab in a postage paid envelope. The results come to us and are interpreted by one of our vets, and we then contact you with our advice ? which may be that no treatment is required! 

The pack also includes a tapeworm treatment for each horse, which we suggest is given in July. 

The cost is £37 per horse (including VAT) plus postage & packing at £1.25. This pays for two counts and one tapeworm treatment. Due to Covid-19 restrictions clients are unable to come and collect the packs from either of our branches. However we are still able to send you the complete kit for each horse, with the sample bags labelled with the horse?s name and when to sample. 

Call Holsworthy 01409 255549 or Tavistock 01822 613838.

Payment must be made at the time of ordering 
Orders must be received by Monday 11 May. 
We will contact you when we receive the results



Monday 20th April

In response to the national lockdown period being extended beyond 3 weeks, equine practices have been issued with new guidance from the RCVS and BEVA. Subject to strict conditions, we are now able to undertake certain procedures required to maintain equine health and welfare within the next 2-month period. This includes annual vaccinations. These visits can be carried out provided that social distancing can be exercised.

Every vaccination booking will be subjected to a RISK ASSESSMENT, both to safeguard your health and that of our vets. We will run through this with you when you call - but in essence our vets will expect to arrive, to have your horse waiting tied up in a stable, to vaccinate it while you watch from 10m away, for the passport to be left out for signing, and then to leave (after exchanging a friendly wave with you!). Only one person may be present during these visits. You should not be present at all if you are undergoing self-isolation or if you are vulnerable.

Despite these measures, we understand many of you will still be anxious about a veterinary visit during the current restrictions. We would encourage you to phone us with any queries about your horse and situation and we will do our best to guide you accordingly.

At present we are not re-starting vaccination courses that have lapsed during COVID restrictions, as these will require more than one visit and hence increase risk. We are keeping this under constant review, so please look out for further information on this. There will be a vaccination amnesty available to mitigate the expense of starting a new course for these horses. 

This does not mean that we are returning to business as usual. At present we will first assess all non-urgent work remotely, before determining if a visit is necessary. This may be by telemedicine consultations or on the phone. 

If you have any questions about any of the information here, please feel free to phone us and speak to our team: 01409 255549 or 01822 613838.




As recommended by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and in accordance with the Government COVID-19 guidelines, we have hitherto limited our yard visits as far as possible to emergency and urgent cases, and have ceased vaccinating horses. Revised guidance received on 9th April has indicated that subject to a full risk assessment of the COVID-19 infection risk both to the horse owner and to us and our team, it may be possible in certain circumstances to vaccinate horses.

At present we have not seen the COVID-19 infection rate peak, and human exposure remains an ever-present and possibly growing risk. We have therefore decided, along with most other local equine veterinary practices, that for the remainder of THIS week we will not be doing routine vaccinations.

However, we will revisit this decision once the new Government guidelines are released this week, and publish a further update here. It is very likely that if vaccination courses have to be restarted because of the delay, some form of vaccination 'amnesty' will be put in place to mitigate the expense.

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