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Getting a New Puppy?

Getting a new puppy is always an exciting time, but it can also be daunting for new owners. 

Penbode Pet Vets are on hand to help you at all stages of your dog’s life.

Click here to download our ‘All About Your New Puppy’ eBook for in depth advice and guidance.

Your Puppy’s First Vet Visit

Chances are your puppy’s first visit to the vet will be for their vaccinations. If your puppy has already had their vaccinations at the breeder you may want to take advantage of our ‘free new pet check’. At this visit you will get to meet one of our friendly Pet Vets who will health check your puppy and ensure all your questions are answered, as well as providing a nice socialisation experience.


There are a number of fatal diseases that can affect dogs in the UK, and some of these can be transferred to humans. Having your puppy vaccinated is the only safe way to provide immunity against these diseases and if carried out, regular boosters can protect your dog for life. The first vaccination can be given as early as six weeks of age depending on the brand used. The vaccination course will involve two or three injections, with vaccinations being given between two and four weeks apart. At three weeks following the final vaccination your puppy is fully protected to venture out and about. In the meantime, check with us what other things you can do with your puppy to provide good socialisation experiences.

Puppy Pack

At your vaccination appointment you will receive a puppy pack. This contains various goodies including a treat bag, a chew, and a hard copy of our puppy book.


Your breeder is likely to have given your puppy their first few doses of worming treatment. Check when this was last done and what product was used. When you first visit us with your puppy, we will help you to find the best product to carry on their protection. At Penbode Vets we offer the Protect4Life Pet Health Plan which will help you spread the cost of veterinary supplied parasite prevention medication, and provide discounts on other treatments. 


Microchipping is a legal requirement for dogs over 8 weeks old. The breeder will probably have already had your puppy microchipped, but the database will need to be updated with your details. We can scan your puppy to check their microchip when you visit us. For more information about microchipping, take a look at our handy guide.

Pet insurance

We always advise owners to have sufficient pet insurance in place to cover any unforeseen events. Choosing the right insurance for your pet can seem very daunting when you start browsing through comparison websites. For a detailed guide to choosing an insurance plan for your puppy, please take a look at our comprehensive guide.


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