Penbode Farm animal vets help your dairy business

Penbode Farm vets help drive your farm profitability

Penbode Farm vets provide dairy farmers with highly qualified specialised cattle veterinary care, designed to drive herd production. We know the local conditions and can give you the best up to date advice to help maintain a healthy and profitable herd.

Mastitis control plans & cell count reduction

Udder infections can greatly affect dairy farm profits through reduced milk yields. At Penbode Farm vets, we can help you by advising you on the most effective way to prevent mastitis and cell count problems in your herd using our unique and proven Mastitis Control plan approach and by advising the most effective changes and prescribing the most effective treatments.

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Fertility improvement

Getting cows back in calf is vital to maintaining a healthy income. At Penbode Farm vets all of our vets are highly trained and equipped with scanners to check the uterus and the ovaries so that problems are diagnosed quickly and solutions can quickly be put in place.

Lameness reduction & prevention

Lameness problems can affect productivity. Alongside treating lameness in your herd, Penbode Farm vets can also help identify the main causes and using our unique and proven Lameness Reduction plans, advise you on the most effective means to reduce lameness in your herd.

You could reduce your hidden cost of lameness by up to £18,000 per 100 cows by reducing lameness in your herd with Penbode Farm vets' proven approach to tackling lameness on-farm. Penbode Farm vets will work on-farm with you and your farm staff to develop simple, effective changes to tackle lameness on your farm. Using this plan and working directly with dairy farmers, has proven to help reduce lameness from 32% to as low as 25%. To help ensure you keep saving money, Penbode Farm vets will regularly review lameness in your herd; helping to drive down the cost of lameness to you year on year.

Fast lab results

At Penbode Farm vets we use fast and efficient lab services, ensuring we put in place the right treatment and quickly deliver the best results for your herd. Many tests are done by our in-house lab, which means you can have results in less than 24 hours.

Penbode Farm vets provide a comprehensive and extensive range of services designed to drive your herd productivity:

  • 24 hour service, 365 days a year
  • 15 specialised farm vets available daily
  • 3 dedicated farm vets available all night and all weekend
  • Herd and dairy cow performance analysis
  • Individual productivity plans
  • Fertility examination and improvement
  • Milk recording analysis
  • Mastitis and cell count reduction
  • Disease prevention plans
  • Accreditation of disease free status
  • Mobility scoring and improvement plans
  • Bull fertility testing
  • Dynamic parlour testing
  • Colostrum quality checks
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Training and education

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