Lameness & back investigations


Penbode Equine vets are very highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness and back problems. Click here for factsheets

A purpose built lameness diagnostic centre you can rely on

Penbode Equine is the perfect environment for assessment of your horse, with a safe trot up runway and hard and soft lunging surfaces at our Holsworthy based practice. Digital radiography and ultrasonography is performed on site for further investigation.

A thorough lameness or back investigation at your convenience

Lameness X-Ray

At Penbode Equine we aim to work around your commitments. For your convenience you can leave your horse at our practice for the day in one of our new large stables and return at your convenience when the investigation is complete. Alternatively, we can usually perform examinations 'stable side' with our portable digital radiography and ultrasonography equipment.

An holistic approach you can rely on

Penbode Equine vets work closely with experienced farriers, master saddlers, physiotherapists and holistic vets to ensure the best outcome for your horse. Appointments with all of these para-professionals can be arranged through the practice.

Surgical treatment you can rely on

Penbode Equine has a fully equipped surgical facility at our Holsworthy based practice. All types of elective surgery including arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) are performed. In specific circumstances, we work alongside the leading equine surgeons in the country to ensure continuity of care for your horse.

Medical treatments you can rely on

Penbode Equine offers a full range of medical treatments including shockwave therapy.

Acupuncture & electoacupuncture you can rely on

Penbode Equine has achieved very pleasing results with the use of acupuncture and electroacupuncture in the treatment of back pain. This has the added advantage of being drug free and hence can be used in the competition season without the worry of detection times.

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