Horse skin problems, issues & conditions including sarcoids, sweet itch, mud fever & rain scald

Skin Problems

Skin problems in horses

Horse skin problems are very common. Skin problems in horses are often distressing and uncomfortable for horses that are suffering from them. There is a bewildering array of off-the-shelf treatments for these skin conditions in horses and horse owners are often at a loss on how to proceed having tried a range of unsuccessful remedies and advice!

Penbode Equine vets offer advice on equine skin conditions you can rely on. By taking a detailed history, a structured approach and using appropriate laboratory tests, we can identify skin conditions accurately and give the correct treatment for that skin condition removing the guesswork.

Qualifications and experience you can rely on

All the equine vets at Penbode Equine are experienced with horse skin problems and have seen many of the skin conditions before; as current and past horse owners they also appreciate the practical aspects of stable management and horse care. 

Sarcoid treatment for horses

Sarcoids: equine sarcoids is an extremely common horse skin problem and can become extremely aggressive if not treated appropriately. Penbode Equine uses a range of treatments and works closely with the Liverpool University Sarcoid Department to ensure sarcoids are correctly identified, treated and managed.

Sweet itch treatment for horses

Sweet itch: sweet itch or insect bite hypersensitivity is also a very common horse skin problem. Penbode Equine can help identify the problem and discuss treatments specific to you and your horse’s sweet itch needs.

Mud fever treatment for horses

Mud fever: mud fever in horses is not a single condition, and should be more correctly referred to as pastern dermatitis. Penbode Equine vets are able to advise you on the probable causes of mud fever, confirming with diagnostic tests where necessary and offer treatment and preventative measures for mud fever.

Rain scald treatment for horses

Rain scald: rain scald, also known as rain rot, is a common condition in horses. It is not simply caused by rain but can be caused by skin that has become consistently wet and lost its protective waterproof barrier - for example in over-rugged horses that have sweated under their rug. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection, so it is important that any treatment is antibacterial and removes the scabs where bacteria can reside and multiply. There are various shampoos and treatments for this. Penbode Equine vets can help instruct you on the correct treatment of rain scald.

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