Colic prevention and treatment in horses

Colic in horses

Colic in horses can be a distressing and stressful experience for both horse and horse owner. At Penbode Equine we offer horse owners 24/7 cover 365 days a year horse only vet cover, providing veterinary care for all types of colic in horses; mild spasmodic colic or gas colic to serious colic attack symptoms whatever time of the night or day your horse shows signs of colic.

Horse colic prevention you can rely on: from mild spasmodic colic or gas colic to extremely serious colic attacks in horses

At Penbode Equine we aim to reduce the incidence of colic symptoms in horses through preventative strategies and advice on how you can optimise the management of your horse to reduce the risk of colic. We offer routine horse health checks that allow potential issues to be picked up before they manifest as colic and many of our routine horse services are aimed at colic prevention as well as the general maintenance of your horse's health. In house worm egg counts, bloods tests for tapeworms, dental procedures and gastroscopy can all help us identify and deal with potential colic problems early, helping to reduce your horse’s risk of all types of colic; from the most commonly encountered spasmodic colic and gas colic to extremely serious colic attacks in horses.

Facilities for colic horses you can rely on

Depending on the findings at our initial colic examination of your horse, it may be necessary to admit your horse for further colic related treatment and monitoring. At Penbode Equine our purpose built horse facilities and equipment are on hand for colic assessment and treatment and allow us to offer the best possible colic care for your horse.

Treatment for colic horses you can rely on

A large proportion of horses with colic symptoms will be diagnosed with spasmodic colic or gas colic and will respond to medical treatment at the yard. However, there are occasions where further colic investigation or surgical intervention is necessary. At Penbode Equine we work closely with leading horse colic surgeons and horse medical consultants to be able to provide you and your horse with the best possible colic treatment.

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