About Penbode vets

Since 1840, Penbode Vets (formally known as Penhale and partners) has been serving the needs of animal owners in the South West. Through the generations, we continue to adjust to evolving client needs and advancing veterinary knowledge, to the extent that we serve one of the largest client groups in the country.

Penbode vets includes Penbode Farm, Penbode Pets and Penbode Equine vets. All of our vets are highly specialised in what they do, ensuring that you get the highest possible treatment standards and care for your animals.

All of our vets work within their own areas of expertise and undertake extensive continuous professional development, ensuring that you get the best possible care for your animals. We also continually update our state of the art equipment, ensuring that we are at the forefront of modern technology and techniques.

Training and development is important to us, and we regularly offer practical workshops and courses tailored to our clientsÂ’ needs, providing clients with useful skills and updating knowledge.

We operate across the South West, with practice bases in Holsworthy, Bude/Stratton, Bradworthy, Camelford, Tavistock and Okehampton (Equine only at Okehampton).

We offer a 24 hour, 365 days a year service, ensuring a vet with the relevant expertise is always available and only a phone call away:

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