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Emma Glaze

Emma Glaze



Ema grew up on numerous different dairy farms and at the age of 13 her family finally settled in Devon. Ema would enjoy working on the arm feeding the calves of the family's herd of pedigree, show Belgian blues, however she didn't work full time on famr until she turned 26. In 2015 she started working with a local cattle foot trimmer and trained and worked in the profession for the next 5 years. Whilst working as a foot trimmer she also followed many courses, including one where she could instruct other people to foot trim. She decided to stop foot trimming after having a baby and in 2020 decided she wanted a different career path but still working in farming/ with cows.... so here she is - our newest ATT. Her hobbies include dog walking her four dogs and spending time at home on her beef farm.

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