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Disbudding: Free up your time for more important things on your farm

Save time, energy & money during calving, and get a FREE visit as well!

Penbode Farm vets will disbud your dairy calves, saving you time and hassle.

Disbudding needs to be done, but there is always something else more urgent. Penbode Farm vets efficient, high welfare system minimises the stress on your calves and on you!

Penbode Farm vets will send 2 vets to your farm so they can handle the job themselves, without you needing to put anyone with them.

FREE visit – no visit fee

Available for calves up to 8 weeks old; minimum 10 calves per visit

Multiple visits - we come as often as you need us

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between farms

We bring all the equipment and drugs needed

Only £5 per calf + drug costs, T&C’s apply.

Book your 1st FREE visit now with Penbode Farm vets on:

Holsworthy 01409253418

Stratton/Bude 01288353766

Bradworthy 01409241241

Camelford 01840213277


Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter summer 2015.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter summer 2015

In this edition of Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter, you will find advice on:

Maximising lamb growth

Rapid worm diagnosis

Tightening your lambing period

Flock benchmarking: Part 2

All from Penbode Farm's dedicated sheep vets

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-07.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-07

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter you will find:

Congratulations to Donal Brown CBE

Increases in vet numbers; meet 6 of the best new vets

Advice on the legal prescription of antibiotics

Latest learnings on BUTE

All from Penbode Farm vets

2for1 on call out fees when you increase fertility visit frequency to maximise production with Penbode Farm vets

FREE. Penbode Farm vets are currently offering FREE fertility call outs to help you increase your fertility rate, productivity and efficiency.

It is estimated that each of your cows that is not pregnant by 80 days after calving is costing you between £4.00 and £4.50 per day.

Examination and treatment of non-served cows is important to ensure that they are served on-time. Pregnancy diagnosis is key to identifying which of your cows are not in-calf as soon as possible, so these can be re-submitted for service as quickly as possible.

For a limited period only, Penbode Farm vets are offering every second fertility call out fee for FREE to anyone who doubles their fertility visit frequency.

This offer is also open to farmers who do not currently benefit from our Penbode Farm fertility programme.

Places are limited, up to 6 FREE fertility call outs per farm. T&C’s apply.

For a FREE initial discussion, call Penbode Farm vets on:

Holsworthy 01409253418

Stratton/Bude 01288353766

Bradworthy 01409241241

Camelford 01840213277

email or simply use the ‘Get in touch’ section at

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-06.pdfDownload

Penbode Farm vets newsletter 15-06

In this edition of your Penbode Farm newsletter you will find:

NEW Rapid milk progesterone testing

FREE farm cat neutering

Investors In People award

Ruby Run runners

A new uterine torsion record

All from Penbode Farm vets

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