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Penbode Farm vets July Newsletter

In this Penbode Farm vets newsletter find out about....

Our amazing deals on wormers and fly treatments to save you £££'s this summer

Summer Mastitis and New Forest Eye

Coughing cows

Heat stress

Bull Fertility Testing with Penbode Farm vets

Progressive farmers are successfully using annual pre-breeding bull fertility testing to improve productivity and reduce costs of low fertility.

Penbode Farm’s bull fertility testing should be performed pre-breeding season to identify bulls with reduced fertility, not just those that are totally infertile. Very few bulls are totally infertile, but around 20% of bulls tested are sub-fertile. Some may be fertile one year, but not the next.

Why have your bull tested?

Up to 3 out of 10 bulls tested may be useless as a breeding bull so early detection is essential.

Reduced conception delays and extends your calving period.

Young, unevaluated bulls are being used more frequently. Sexual maturity cannot be predicted entirely by body weight and scrotal circumference and therefore semen evaluation is essential.

Ensuring you are only using fertile bulls will reduce your calving period and increase your productivity.

Reduced costs of keeping barren cows over winter in spring calving herds.

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Penbode Farm vets newsletter 16-05

In this edition of Penbode Farm vets news find out about:


A brand new drug to aid drying off high yielding cows

Rules governing Prescription Only Medicines

Success with a CIDR-synchronisation programme

And a topical reminder about grass staggers

All from your Penbode Farm vets team

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Penbode Farm vets Sheep newsletter spring 2016

In this Penbode Farm vets Sheep Newsletter learn about:
Disease updates on Bluetongue and Liver Fluke
Return of our popular worm egg counting offer
Scouring in young lambs
FREE visit and FREE lab fees to diagnose barren and aborted ewes
Maximising lamb survival
Reducing the risks of clostridia and pasteurella
Dog microchipping reminder
All from your Penbode Farm vets Sheep Team.

FREE visit & lab fees to prevent lamb abortion storms next year with Penbode Farm vets FlockCheck

Get FREE lab fees and a FREE visit when you use Penbode Farm vets FlockCheck service. Simply blood test 8 barren or aborted ewes for exposure to Toxoplasma or Chlamydophila (Enzootic) infections; the results can then be used to decide whether vaccination is required to help protect your next crop of lambs.

Abortion storms can be extremely damaging to sheep flocks at lambing time; testing ewes which have aborted or were barren this year is the best way to diagnose whether either of these 2 diseases are present on your farm.

Vaccination against these 2 most common causes of abortion in sheep is extremely effective when given pre-mating this autumn to protect your next crop of lambs.


All for just £25+p&p* inc. FREE lab fees and a FREE visit.


This offer is also open to farmers who do not currently benefit from other Penbode Farm vets services.


For more information and to get your FREE visit & FREE lab fees, call us on:

Holsworthy        01409253418

Stratton/Bude    01288353766

Bradworthy       01409241241

Camelford         01840212229




* T&C apply

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